About Us

Who We Are and What We’re Trying to Do

Why doesn’t coffee prepared at home taste as good as Barista coffee?

At Coffee Style Today, all the posts we create, be it one of your top recommendations or tips to enhance your coffee experience, all have one thing in common. And that goal is to make sure the coffee you brew at home tastes just as delicious, bold, and flavorful as your favorite cafe coffee.

Every member of our team at Coffee Style Today has been a part of the coffee industry for enough years to understand that the problem lies with the tools. You probably already know that local Baristas use coffee makers that are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, right? And these machines are engineered to add that sparkle, oomph factor to your coffee.

So what we, as coffee enthusiasts and home brewers just like you, are trying to do here is to get you the closest to Barista-quality equipment, which includes both phenomenal coffee makers and the most flavorful and aromatic coffee (beans, grounds, instant, K-cups, you name it!).

Why What We Share Matters

To be honest, there’s no shortage of coffee blogs on the web. So what about us is so different or unique?

The truth of the matter is that even though there are so many shades of colors sprawled across the spectrum, you have a favorite you keep going back to. Just like that, every coffee drinker has his/her personal preferences. And if yours align with ours at Coffee Style Today, then this can soon become a long-term commitment.

Much like coffee, our team of coffee experts is here to stay. Each article we create stems from the premise that coffee is a deliciously complex and nuanced beverage. So it deserves rigorous criteria when it comes to assessment. The flavor, body, acidity, aroma, and even aftertaste are all used as a means to appease your caffeine cravings.

Who Is Coffee Style Today Created For?

  • Those who can’t get enough of Barista-quality coffee at the local cafe but don’t have that kind of time or money to spend on a daily basis.
  • Those who put a lot of thinking into buying an at-home brewing system.
  • Those who are picky, so enjoy only the best coffee prepared using the best brewing method and machine.
  • Those who simply want to know more about the world of coffee and coffee makers.

We hope you find the content useful. More importantly, we hope that our articles play some part in upgrading your daily coffee sipping experience!